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Do I need to have "dirty" hair the day of?
No! Please have your hair washed the night before or day of with shampoo and NO conditioner. This will give the best results and you will also feel better with clean hair.

Where is a good place to find hair accessories? - This is a great place to find decently priced pretty hair accessories.

Do you have makeup to cover tattoos?
I have yet to find a makeup that COMPLETELY covers a tattoo. However, derma blend seems to work the best. If you have this with you on the wedding day, I will gladly apply it at no extra cost.

How can I help my skin clear up before my wedding?
Take Vitamin A in the suggested amount on the bottle. Many girls have claimed this has worked great for them!

Can you put in my clip-in extensions?
Yes!I love the way clip-in's look! HOWEVER, please make sure they are 100% real human hair. Carefully read the back of boxes because some advertising on boxes can be deceiving! Real human hair extensions can be pricey, but they are completely worth it. Synthetic extensions will not hold curl for long and they may smell and burn when curled.

Deposits and payments can be made via PayPal, credit card, or check.

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